Looking At March

Holy cow, folks, I lost track of how long it was since my last update. My apologies. I’m not going to give you a big rundown on all the other things I’ve been focusing on in my life; suffice it to say that I have been hard at work clearing the decks so I can focus on getting this done. 

I am looking to send the book to the printers in March. Here’s what still needs to happen:

–My awesome guest essayists have sent me the bulk of their work and at this point I’m just waiting for a few pics and minor details. I’ve already plugged everything else I’ve received into the manuscript.

–I’m currently added some finishing touches before I start actual layout of the book. (I took a break from turning all my sources into proper APA format to write this post, in fact. Why, oh why, didn’t I write my citations properly the first time instead of just posting URLs and book titles? Ahem.)

–Layout involves formatting the pages, the text and the photos correctly. It’s something I used to do professionally so it’s not that difficult, just REALLY TIME CONSUMING. But it’ll look great when I’m done!

–Once that’s done, I’ll have a final page count and I can make the actual book cover. See, the page count determines the size of the book’s spine, which affects the trim size of the entire cover, so I can’t actually design the cover til I know how big it has to be, down to the millimeter. Thankfully CreateSpace has some good tools to help with that. 

–At that point I can get the book files submitted for review to make sure there aren’t any errors, and then once I get the green light I can order the books! Yay! It’ll take a couple weeks for them to get to me, during which time I’ll be prepping IndieGoGO (IGG) perks and the like. 

–Shipping is going to take a bit of time as I’ll have literally hundreds of packages to send out, but IGG orders will be the first ones out. Since I am a one-woman-show and this isn’t the only thing I do for a living, it’s going to be a bit of a process, but I’ll keep you all posted. 

–Once all that’s done, yay! The book thing is done and everybody has their stuff and hopefully you all like what I created!

I really appreciate your patience; I seem to have a bad habit of underestimating how much time it’ll take me to actually do a thing, so I need to remember this for my next IGG. *sigh* The curse of the optimist. But it IS happening, if more slowly!

So. Done with my update, back to the manuscript. You rock my socks!

Bring Out Your Yer Dead!