About Vulture Culture

In recent years, due in large part to the internet’s ability to create virtual meeting places for people interested in, well, anything, there has come to be a “fandom” for animal parts. And thanks to Tumblr user Lifebender, it has a name: Vulture Culture.

Who are Vultures? We’re a bunch of people from diverse backgrounds who enjoy collecting, preserving and creating with the remains of animals. Many of us appreciate the scientific value of taxidermy and the like, while others love the aesthetic quality of these natural materials. Still others wish to honor the remains of the deceased in a more dignified manner than being a trophy or fashion statement.

What does it take to be a part of Vulture Culture? All  you need is a respectful appreciation of hides, bones and other natural history specimens. Beyond that, you’re welcome to create a collection of your own, learn to process hides and bones, make art from bits and parts, or simply go on appreciating the collections and works of others.

Vulture Culture 101 is meant to be an in-depth introduction to Vulture Culture, whether you’re already involved, or just curious about what motivates us. Questions? Email me at lupa(at)vultureculture101.com