The Books Are Flying Out the Door!

Okay, everyone! After basically spending most of my weekend packing and packing and doing more packing, I have gotten almost every preordered book out the door! The only exceptions are a very small handful of the IndieGoGo preorders; the rest of those are already sent out, and I also sent out all the other preorders, so if you’ve ordered a copy prior to today your book is on the way. (My local post office is VERY grateful that I used online postage instead of bringing them a couple of hundred packages.)

Aaaanyway, that means you should not be experiencing any more shipping delays if you order Vulture Culture 101. I typically go to the post office 2-3 times a week; if you need your copy to arrive by a particular date, please do email me at

Oh, and when you go to you can not only buy the book itself, but also the official Vulture Culture 101 sticker!

Bring Out Your Yer Dead!