Quick Shipping Update and Ebooks

Hi, folks! Just a quick update–I am getting close to the end of shipping out IndieGoGo backer packages, which I said I was going to send out first. Almost all the packages are out, except for: Vulture Culture Starter Kits (waiting for a box of skulls to arrive), Tails (and Ears) sets (just need to sit down and finish the tails and ears themselves), Furs of North America (ditto), and a few of the Book Lover sets for which I’m waiting for either the not-Vulture-Culture-101 books to arrive, or I’m waiting for the person to tell me what book they want. All in all I have less than two dozen packages left, so soon as those are out the door I can get the other preorders shipped out. If you haven’t yet gotten in an order for your copy of Vulture Culture 101, you can do so at

Also, if you are getting an ebook, keep an eye on your spam folder! I had a few people contact me asking where their file was, and it ended up spammed (oops.)

Will keep you all posted, and thanks 🙂

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