Formatting, Formatting, Formatting…

So I’m back to working on the layout for Vulture Culture 101. I’m in the thick of making sure all the guest essays are formatted the same, which is a challenge since everyone seems to use a different word processor. I use Microsoft Word for layout (since I can’t afford money to pay for or time to learn other programs like QuarkXPress) and while Format Painter does great at making sure the font is all the same type and size and the spacing is uniform, it doesn’t do anything for tabs or hard returns, so I have to go in and do all that by hand, plus make sure the pictures all fit. It’s not my essayists’ fault, of course; they’ve done a kick-ass job of writing their works and getting them to me. I just have to be the one to deal with the picky little details.

Once that’s done, it’ll be on to adding in the rest of the photos for the book. Due to printing costs, the pics will all be in black and white; even a color insert adds a LOT to printing costs, and I want you all to be able to actually afford this book. However, I am planning to add color versions of some of the pictures, like the hide and bone ID pics, to the Vulture Culture 101 website.

Alright, y’all, back to it!

Bring Out Your Yer Dead!