A Quick Shout-Out!

So I need to give a quick shout-out. In the process of putting together my book, Vulture Culture 101, I needed access to a bunch of skulls and hides that I don’t have in my personal collection (yet) for the identification section. I contacted the good folks at Moscow Hide and Fur in Moscow, Idaho last fall, and they were kind enough to give me access to their warehouse, which is not normally open to the public in the way a retail store is.

Not only did they have me send them a list of the skulls and hides I needed pictures of so they could have them already pulled out by the time I got there, but they were exceptionally accommodating in making sure I had enough space and lighting to get the pictures done (like the one above.) AND I got a complete tour of the warehouse, which considering I’ve been ordering from them for something like fifteen years was like getting to go to DisneyLand. (Plus I got to feed their chickens!)

So, yeah. Definitely recommend them both as a reliable supplier and good people 🙂

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