IndieGoGo Campaign EXTENDED!

Hiya, folks!

So as it turns out, I am able to extend the Vulture Culture 101 IndieGoGo campaign once, up to an additional 15 days, so I chose to do just that! We are SO CLOSE to the first stretch goal at $4,000, the Vulture Culture skull sticker, and I want to see if we can unlock that second one at $6,000, the skull identification flashcards. Plus I had several people contact me and say “I wish this was going to last just a little longer, since I’m waiting for my paycheck/tax return/etc.!”

So now the campaign will end at 11:59pm on Saturday, April 7, 2018! If you haven’t had a chance to back the campaign at, or you know someone who was worried they’d miss out, now’s the time to get that second chance. And many, many thanks to everyone who’s carried it this far <3

Bring Out Your Yer Dead!