My everlasting thanks and gratitude to everyone who helped with the creation of Vulture Culture 101, including (but probably not limited to):

My amazing guest essayists, Divya Anantharaman, Ashley Cheeks, Eric Foote, Shelby Hendershot, Escher Null, and Amy Wilkinson for contributing your expertise and ideas, as well as your writing and photos, to this project. Moscow Hide and Fur and Raevyn Carney for letting me take pictures of your dead stuff. A huge thanks to all of my IndieGoGo contributors, without whom this project wouldn’t have happened financially:

Tasha King, Elise Wolf, Ash Windler, Stevie Miller, Damien Hunter, Juli Beighley, Liam Kopolow, Joy Anne Phillip, Joshua Mulcahy, Becki Decker, Stacey Gregorash, Jessica Hoone, Ashton John Lanning, Jeremy Taylor, Cayley Rydzinski, Jonathan Miller, Sam Rich, Genel Gronkowski, Morrigan Proude, Kaitlyn Marie Gerber, Miranda L. Tarrow, Nora Timmerman, Elizabeth Akins, Noelle French, Teri AnpoWi Saveliff, Sarah Kamins, Kathleen Eubanks, Melinda Kral, Victoria Davis, Ember Cooke, Kelcie Chase, Shannon Legler, Spencer Hughes, Ella Pressler, Kristen Fogarty, Thomas Kerr, Laura Hiner, Arwen Lynch Poe, April Broughton, Brian Ledbetter, Dawn Corley, Liv  Rainey-Smith, Carol Hutte, Teunis Peters, Chelsea Mascari, Emily Siskin, Michelle Campbell, April Molohon, Aidan Bork, Elizabeth Koprucki, Gwendolynn Amsbury, Monica J. Van Steenberg, Brooke Hambright, Kate Lipford, Juliana Russell, Luke Ries, Ashley Best, Elizabeth Vattes, Tauna Bollinger, Amanda Vargas, Steve Dean, Tamra Perry, Hana Russell, Elias Lindroos, Taylor Thompson, Kendall Deutsch, Katie Crowley-Dean, Janice May Bignell, Tanya Hindmarsh, Meghan Farthing, Megan Fox, Sarah Schowengerdt, Natalee Dula, Jessica Sallay-Carrington, Jessica Marshall, Emma-Jayne Easton, Christine Delillo, Kristina Brede, L.F., Ashlyn Thigpen, Rebecca Jasulevicz, Fall Thompson, Emily Harris, Laurel Pattee, Jesse Spacco, Darien Baysinger, Lauren Pavlik, Miika Ahjopalo, Sierra Custer, Brannon Usko, Karla Elms, Carolyn Neal-Harden, Dubout Erwan, Blake Bethea, Sam Moran, Marnie Gordon, Marie Alessandro, Brenda Lively, Larry Andrews, Alice Cartes, Abigail Allen, Tamara Siuda, Cheryl Kirk, Stephanie Baldridge, Shelly Ferland, Alexa Swenson, Kit Ewing, Brynn Maurer, Amy McCune, Danielle Cromer, Jennifer Page, fortressnearabridge , Amanda C. Mills, Carrie Shane, Percy Delacroix, Lisa Olivas, Kalen M Boley, Jack Vivace, Lae, Brooke Hambright, Rachel Greenfield, Amanda Nixon, Brooke Hambright, Gryffin Mutzenberger, Jess Draws, Darzie, Amber Stewart, Galeogirl, Michelle Crawford-Bewley, Jasper Jacobs, and every single person who shared, reblogged, retweeted, and otherwise helped to get the word out 🙂

And finally, much love to everyone in Vulture Culture, for showing me I’m not alone in my weirdness and love of nature live and dead.